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Join the global innovation community at the
ITU Global Innovation Forum 2021
25-29 October 2021 | online
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The ITU Global Innovation Forum (GIF) is back for a second edition under the theme Building partnerships to mainstream entrepreneurship!
More than a year in, the COVID-19 crisis continues to have a significant impact on society. To recover from crises like this, the world needs new partnerships to close the digital innovation gap, accelerate entrepreneurship-driven innovation and create decent jobs. Stakeholders can use this experience as an opportunity to transform their communities into thriving and competitive digital economies.
Do you want to learn how to accelerate economic development
and job creation in your community?
The forum will:
·        support digital change-makers in building a bright future to enable tech-driven innovative businesses
·        provide the expertise to boost your local ecosystem and encourage innovation by accessing knowledge, resources and opportunities
·        offer the chance to connect with a network of partners and projects to improve your investment portfolio for social and economic impact
·        gain insight on how to raise the entrepreneurship bar in your region by learning the tools you need to build an innovation-driven ecosystem
  • access resources that will empower you to overcome innovation roadblocks in your country by building future-forward tech innovation and entrepreneurship policies
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An unprecedented programme
Day 1: Tackling the digital innovation gap
Explore the impacts of the innovation divide on social conditions in the COVID-19 era.
Day 2: Partnerships
Learn what is required of new partnerships through the lens of key ecosystem stakeholders. 
Day 3: Regional dimensions
Arab States, Africa, and Americas experiences on the benefits of nurturing digital innovation.
Day 4: Regional best practices
Sharing good practices and stories of digital changemakers from the regions.
Day 5: Acceleration
Discussions come full circle with a call for new partnerships to accelerate entrepreneurship-driven innovation.
2021 Innovation Challenges
Throughout the week this year’s innovation challenges will pitch their ideas. Winners announced on Friday!

Meet our speakers

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